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cell maps with consistent topology across four hematopoietic datasets, confirm the .. PAGA maps single-cell data of whole animals at multiple resolutions. . developed computational approach with similarities to PAGA.

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Vascular Surgery. It is also used to image thyroid cancers that do not take up radioactive iodine. Thyroid cells are designed to take up iodine, and therefore a whole body scan following the administration of radioactively labelled iodine is a very sensitive test for the detection of normal and most cancerous thyroid cells both in the neck and throughout the rest of the body. It also gives information on the function of those thyroid cells.

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I or I are the isotopes used in this test. Octreotide is a synthetic form of somatostatin, a hormone that binds to the somatostatin receptors on many neuroendocrine tumors.

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It is used to image carcinoid tumors and pancreatic NETs, and to evaluate if the tumors will bind to octreotide for potential treatment with the drug. This radioactive iodine compound is taken up by cells that synthesize catacholamines.

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It is used to image pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas. It is particularly useful in detecting metastatic and bilateral disease. Venous sampling is an invasive technique done by interventional radiology where a catheter is inserted into a vein to withdraw blood samples for analysis of hormone levels from specific locations. The purpose of the test is to localize the source of abnormal hormone secretion.


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It is used sometimes prior to reoperative parathyroid surgery, in hyperaldosteronism, and in insulinomas or gastrinomas. Use of Health Topics. Endocrine system tests Fine needle aspiration FNA A thin needle is inserted into the area of interest usually a thyroid nodule and cells are removed, spread on a slide, and evaluated by a cytopathologist someone who diagnoses diseases on a cellular level. Sestamibi scan A nuclear medicine scan that detects abnormally enlarged parathyroid glands after radioactive dye is injected into the blood stream.

This test is useful to determine if a patient is eligible for minimally invasive parathyroidectomy Ultrasound An ultrasound uses sound waves to detect masses or fluid in soft tissues. Endoscopic ultrasound An ultrasound probe is inserted into the stomach and duodenum by a gastroenterologist to see the pancreas and surrounding structures.

The localization of lesions with real-time ultrasound while taking advantage of a secondary 2D technology is a significant challenge in everyday clinical practice without technological support. The coregistration between the ultrasound and the second imaging modality takes less than one minute and there is an option to take a picture of the body area under examination Bodymark with a BodyCamera.

The safe and successful performance of ultrasound-guided procedures requires both detailed knowledge of the anatomy and the ability to understand where the needle tip is at all times.

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The latter is dependent on the needle and transducer manipulation, which can be a challenge specially for beginners. Visualization of the needle tip requires alignment with the ultrasound beam and sometimes that is not achieved, and even when it is, the physical characteristics of the needle and technology limitations may obstruct the visibility.

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Virtual Biopsy combined with Intelligent Positioning can increase confidence during real-time ultrasound biopsy procedures. Using virtual tracking of the needle, the target can be reached quickly, precisely and safely. The physical needle is indicated by a virtual needle directly on the real-time ultrasound image with an accurate 3D representation of the probe, scanning plane and path to the target. This technology merges the real-time capabilities of Ultrasound such as Doppler, CEUS and Elastosonography with functional and 3D information from other systems.

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