On the Raman effect in diatomis gases. I

cell maps with consistent topology across four hematopoietic datasets, confirm the .. PAGA maps single-cell data of whole animals at multiple resolutions. . developed computational approach with similarities to PAGA.

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It emphasizes the need for mathematical methods and tools to assess solutions and guarantee performance.

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Bringing the two fields closer together will enhance the robustness and generalisability of data analysis methods, while preserving the flexibility to solve real-world problems efficiently and intuitively The lectures and tutorials in this summer course pointed out the potential that lies in joint solutions and the transfer of ideas from one field to the other.

They were intended to stimulate young researchers to explore methods from that field - soft computing or statistics - they were not so familiar with yet in order to broaden their view and trigger new ideas for fruitful interdisciplinary research.

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In the ECSC began offering specialized courses focused on promoting the dissemination of new trends, developments and applications of the different areas of Soft Computing among international students from different backgrounds. Furthermore, with the idea of serving as a way to transfer knowledge to society, there were roundtables and conferences open to the public aimed at showing the application of these techniques to solve real-world problems.

The teaching staff of these courses is made up of researchers of the Centre, Scientific Committee members and other international experts. The development of new reasoning and decision making tools that can deal with uncertainty and imprecision leads to considerable scientific and technical progress. This training school brought different approaches, research lines and applications together and permited the trainees to explore synergies between different computational and mathematical methods, to structure promising new ideas and research projects, to develop new research lines, to generate scientific and technical knowledge and to increase the multidisciplinary of European researchers.

The training school plan balanced topics from basic research lines and real-world applications. CRF was a philosophical tendency intensive course, to reflect on new ideas in modern science and technology. It was mainly intended for people interested in the evolution of scientific and technological ideas. Under such conditions, neutrosophic sets and logic turn out to be effective to address challenging real-world image processing problems.

The management of uncertainty in decision making problems is a very challenging research issue, because deterministic or probabilistic classical decision approaches quite often do not fit well to real world decision making problems.

Emerging Trends in Soft Computing Models in Bioinformatics and Biomedicine

In spite of the existence of many tools to model and manage such an uncertainty depending on the uncertain situation, some tools may be more suitable than others. The publication exercises peer review process in order to quality control by qualified specialists is covered by the database.

Articles submitted to the SCCE Journal are allowed through peer-review process under various levels, as follows. All contributing authors should qualify for authorship. The order of authorship should be a joint decision of the coauthors.

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Journals should make clear the type of copyright under which authors work will be published. Upon acceptance of manuscript, authors will be asked to complete a Journal Publishing Agreement'. Authors are requested to evident whether impending conflicts do or do not exist while submitting their articles to SCCE through Conflict of Interest Disclosure form. If a correction is needed, journals should follow these minimum standards:. Manuscripts that have been rejected are not eligible for further consideration by the SCCE journal and thus rejected manuscript should not be resubmitted.

Other revisions of previously rejected manuscripts will be promptly returned to the authors without review.

Tiwari, A; Knowles, J; Avineri, Erel; Dahal, K; Roy, R

There are four types of overlapping publications including Duplicate submission, Duplicate publication, Acceptable secondary publication and manuscript based on the same database. Protecting intellectual property is a primary responsibility of the reviewer and the editor.

Reviewers, therefore, will not use ideas from or show another person the manuscript they have been asked to review without the explicit permission of the manuscript's author, obtained through the journal editor. Plagiarism is a serious violation of publication ethics. Other violations include duplicate publication, data fabrication and falsification, and improper credit of author contribution.

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International Journal of Computers and Applications

Sharing of reviewing responsibilities is inappropriate. The review is the sole responsibility of the person to whom it was assigned by the journal editor. Students and colleagues should not be asked to prepare reviews unless the journal editor has given explicit prior approval. Each person contributing to a review should receive formal recognition. Supplements are collections of articles that deal with related issues or topics, are published as a separate issue of the journal or as part of a regular issue, and may be funded by sources other than the journal publisher.

Journals should not carry advertisements and Editors should have full and final authority for approving print and online advertisements and for enforcing advertising policy.

Further, Editors should consider all criticisms of advertisements for publication. Toggle navigation. About Journal. Exact schedule of publication for each season is as the following: 1. January 2. April 3. July 4.

Editors-in-Chief owners should have the power of evaluation, selection, scheduling, or editing of individual articles either directly or by creating an environment that strongly influences decisions. Editors should base editorial decisions on the validity of the work and its importance to the journal readers, not on the commercial implications for the journal. Editors-in-chief should have the responsibility to establish an independent editorial advisory board to help the editor establish and maintain editorial policy.

Editors should defend the confidentiality of authors and peer-reviewers names and reviewer comments in accordance with SCCE policy. To secure editorial freedom in practice, the editor should have direct access to the highest level of ownership, not to a delegated manager or administrative officer. Editors and the publication staff should keep all information about a submitted manuscript confidential, sharing it only with those involved in the evaluation, review, and publication processes. Editors should consider adding a confidentiality notice to all correspondence, including reviewer forms, to serve as a reminder to authors, editors, and reviewers.

Records and retention schedules, such as how long to keep published manuscripts and associated correspondence or rejected manuscripts and associated correspondence, should be documented in writing and reviewed on a regular basis.

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